A few years later I moved the brewery to a larger premises, breathing new life into an old industrial unit in Aberaman, Aberdare and although our location changed, everything involved in making the very best crafted ales stayed the same
– even the local fresh Welsh water source!

A few have now gone by, and I am more proud than ever to say that our Brewery is now producing proper beers, crafted locally with the best hops, finest malts and tastiest flavours. We supply direct to our customers be that with bottles, cans or kegs and also supply direct to pubs, cafes and restaurants.

We never take shortcuts. Each brew is given the dedicated time and passion it deserves, as there is absolutely no point in rushing something so important.

We now have a fantastic brewery that receives so much support from such a caring community and is growing day by day.  We also now have a shop where you can buy your favourite Grey Trees tipple, Grey Trees branded glasses and t-shirts.

The Story of Grey Trees

So, after a century of decline in the craft ale industry, I set off on a mission in early 2011 to get people in my Valley excited and enthusiastic about drinking proper beer again. And while I was at it, I wanted to create a great independent business that I’d grow, to create jobs and wealth in my community, Aberdare in the beautiful South Wales Valleys.

By this time I’d been running a local pub for a few years so had already learned a lot about ale and what is involved in the intricate process of making great tasting beer.  I was disheartened by the lack of properly crafted beers on offer to consumers so decided to do something about it myself. I bought a beautiful copper brew plant and all the other necessary equipment required to start crafting real ale with whilst located in Llwydcoed, Aberdare.

Llwydcoed literally translates in English to Grey Trees, and so the brewery name was born!