Grey Trees | The History of Bottled Beer!
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The History of Bottled Beer!


The History of Bottled Beer!

Grey Trees’ wide range of great craft ales are available to purchase in bottles to take home and enjoy in your own time or to give to a loved one or someone special as a lovely gift.

Did you know that bottled beer was invented in Hertfordshire some 440 years ago! The most popular story says, that the bottled beer was accidentally invented by a Church of England rector and fishing fanatic called Dr Alexander Nowell. It is said that Nowell went on a fishing expedition, taking with him for refreshment a bottle filled with home brewed ale. Nowell went home and left the full bottle behind in the river-bank grass. When Nowell returned to the river-bank a few days later and came across the still-full bottle, but it was no bottle, but a gun, as the sound upon opening the bottle was an enormously loud noise. The ale had undergone a secondary fermentation in the bottle, building up carbon dioxide pressure so that it gave a loud pop when Nowell pulled the cork out. This is believed to be the origins of bottled ale in England.

Of course, the fermentation process now is lot more careful and manageable with modern technology but it is odd to think that without Dr Nowell’s mistake, we may never have experienced the joy of a bottled Grey Trees ale.