Instagram-friendly Grey Trees

Instagram-friendly Grey Trees

These days, with so many social media sites knocking around, you have to learn how to use them all. Including Instagram.


So, Grey Trees has decided to join the picture sharing site, but bear with us, we’re new to the Instagram game.


Make sure you follow @greytreesbrewery on Instagram for regular updates on what we get up to in the brewery and how it all works.


Keep up to date with what our head brewer, Ray, and the other brewers are cooking up in the brewery.


Also, look out for official announcements of our new ales and beers and see what their designs look like, much like our recent Valleys Pilsner post.


Having Instagram also gives us the opportunity to see how much you’re enjoying our craft ales and beers. Use our hashtags #SayNoToTheMasses, #crafty lager, or even #greytreespubtakeover if you’re out enjoying a beer in one of our takeover pubs!


Grey Trees’ profile will be loaded with pictures soon so make sure you follow us for even more exclusive news and updates from the Grey Trees family. We look forward to seeing your ‘Instagrams’!