Snooker World Championship!


Snooker World Championship!

From the 16th of April to the 2nd of May, the Snooker World Championships 2016 will be live on our tellyboxes for a whole 2 weeks worth of snooker!


The best that the sport has to offer will go head to head to decide who is this year’s World Champion!


Snooker in it’s modern form originated in the later half of the 19th century. Billiards had been a popular activity amongst British Army officers stationed in India, and variations on the more traditional billiard games were devised. One variation, devised during 1874 or 1875 was to add coloured balls in addition to the reds and black which were used for pyramid pool.


The word snooker also has military origins, being a slang term for first-year cadets or inexperienced personnel. It’s easy to imagine that this past-time favourite of the British Army would’ve been enjoyed with a beer to pass time in between their duties.


Have a ball (we’re not sorry) and enjoy a nice, cold Grey Trees beer while seeing how the World Championships unfold.