Valley Pilsner – Our exciting new lager!


Valley Pilsner – Our exciting new lager!

Lager gets a bad rap. But just because there is a lot of bad lager around (yes, we are looking at you, multinational brewing conglomerate) that doesn’t mean that all lager is bad.


Lager is just a style of beer, the same as bitter, or IPA, and if it is made with skill and love, it can be as good as any other craft brew. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Valleys Pilsner, Grey Trees’ very own craft lager.


For our inspiration we looked East, to Germany and the Czech Republic, places where lager has never been associated with poor quality because it has always been produced well.


We’ll be using a combination of German and British Malts which will be combined with Czech and German Hops. We’ll also be using a special lager yeast. This is because lager is fermented at a much lower temperature than other beers. In fact, before refrigeration was possible lagers were fermented in caves!


We will celebrate our new Valley Pilsner (4.7% ABV) by having an exciting launch night at The Whitcombe on Friday, the 8th of April.

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